How to get around Danskammers power plant in Dansk: Take your time

Danskams power plant is a popular location on the outskirts of the city of Dansk.

It was built in the early 1960s to accommodate large-scale solar projects and is located near the airport.

However, since the summer of 2018, Danskampers power plant has been shut down by the power grid because of an unusually cold winter.

The reason is because of a lack of solar energy.

“The power plant was shut down in July, and it was only reopened in August.

The power supply is cut off for six weeks, and during that time we cannot supply the local residents with power,” said Vassilis Kostopoulos, who runs the power plant.

“We have a huge network of generators in the area, and our grid is always on standby,” he said.

But despite the outage, the people of Danske Danskammer are getting used to the power shortage.

“They have not been complaining.

We have the power.

We just have to keep it on,” said Kostopis son, Nikos.

In September 2018, when the power was restored, a group of about 100 residents of Denskammers started organizing a protest in front of the power station.

The organizers called for the power to be brought back online.

However the power system is not back online, and only generators can supply the power for about three hours.

“Every morning we wake up at 8:30am, but we cannot get the power back,” said Srdjan Sotirakis, who manages the power in the power plants.

The protesters are planning to continue the protest on October 16.

“I think it is better to keep quiet than to go to court,” said Nikos, who is currently living in the refugee camp in Danskoemmer.

“It is not as bad as the summer months.

We live in a very cold place and the heat is not there.

We cannot complain about the power crisis.

We can live without electricity,” he added.