When a massive solar plant goes dark, Calaveras Power Plant is back in business

The Calavera power plant in northern California is back on its job, after a new owner said they can’t afford to replace its cooling system.

The plant, the country’s largest, went dark for five weeks in November after it failed to meet a federal requirement to buy new power from California.

The company is now installing new systems to protect the facility from any potentially harmful emissions.

The plant’s power comes from hydroelectric dams, which provide the electricity the region relies on for about 90 percent of its electricity.

The utility that owns the power plant is now trying to find a new buyer, after it lost more than $1 billion in the collapse of the power company, Southern California Edison, in 2015.

The owners of the plant are seeking a buyer for the plant that has an annual operating cost of $3.5 billion.

As of Friday, Southern Cal Edison was in negotiations to sell its assets to an independent company.

The sale was expected to close later this year.