Power plant shutdown due to weather

The Oswego Power Plant, located in north Oswegos county, will shut down for the rest of the week as it attempts to deal with a record heat wave that has scorched the state.

According to the company, the plant is in the process of reducing power, which means it will take at least two weeks before it is operational again.

It is the first time since April that the plant has shut down as the temperature is still above the average, which is about 40 degrees.

The plant has operated with no issues for the last several days.

On Thursday, the company announced that its power plant is the sixth in the state to shut down due to extreme weather.

On Monday, the power plant in Monroe County shut down after the temperature dropped below 40 degrees, according to a report by the Des Moines Register.

In addition, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources reported on Thursday that a number of counties in the area have reported power outages.

According the Iowa DNR, the Oswegon Power Plant is located in the northwest corner of Oswegen County, and is located a few miles south of the city of Osceola.

In the days before the shutdown, the plants electricity had been in short supply due to a series of storms.

The plant employs approximately 7,200 people, according the Des, and serves about 2.2 million customers.