What we know about Tesla’s plans to install a 500 megawatt lithium-ion battery at the San Antonio Power Station

Tesla announced on Tuesday that it has purchased the right to build a 500-megawatt battery at its San Antonio Electric Power System, the largest lithium-air battery plant in the U.S. that is expected to begin producing electricity this year.

Tesla’s move comes amid growing concerns over the risk posed by climate change, which threatens the lives of tens of millions of Americans.

The company has made significant progress in the past year in building its batteries, and it will likely add additional batteries as the company ramps up its energy storage projects.

The San Antonio project will be located at the site of an old coal-fired power plant that closed in the 1980s, and is one of two major plants currently operating at the plant.

The San Antonio plant produces about 4,300 megawatts of electricity per day, which the company has pledged to produce and store for future use.

A third plant, also located at San Antonio, is in the works and is expected for completion by 2022.

The plant is owned by Edison Electric Institute and is scheduled to begin commercial operation by 2022, with an initial capacity of 2.2 million megawatts.

The purchase is expected boost the company’s electric grid capacity by more than 1 gigawatt, according to Tesla.

That’s about 1 gigafactors capacity of power delivered to homes and businesses.