When the Chandpur Power Plant in Uttar Pradesh is destroyed, will there be a clean-up?

By Vijay KulkarniIt is now well over a month since the Chandsam Power Station in Uttar, UP’s biggest industrial city, was destroyed by a blast.

On November 10, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) announced a three-day operation, which will take place on November 12, to ensure that the power plant is able to generate enough power to continue operation for another three days.

The NDRF said the operation would include the construction of new and improved emergency generators, which would help with supply of power.

However, in an interview to CNBC, a senior official at the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPC) told CNBC that the plant will be destroyed by the end of the week.

This means the plant, which is located about 90km away from the epicenter of the blast, will have to shut down for about a month to enable clean-ups.

According to the NDRFs official statement, the power grid was brought to a standstill for several days in the aftermath of the incident.

In addition, the district authorities, including the NCP, have been asked to ensure the safety of all personnel and assets of the state government, which includes the power companies and the public, according to the statement.

The incident also caused disruption to business in the area, as many residents have lost their jobs and they were unable to make payments, the statement added.

“The incident was an attempt to bring down the state electricity supply and to bring a complete shutdown of the plant,” said Nupur Gopinath, managing director of IT & Telecommunications, a telecom and communications company.

“However, the government and the power company have done nothing.

If the state goes to shutdown, then what will be left of the power industry?”

Kurtulam Mahajan, a former bureaucrat in the power ministry, said that the company is also trying to get some information about the damage to the power supply.

“The power company was asked to submit a report within a few days,” he told CNBC.

“We are hoping that they will give us some information soon.”

The company has said it will provide the details to the police after the report is received.

The power supply will be restored to normal by the time the NRPF and the local police department are satisfied about the safety and the operation of the site, the official said.

On November 9, the state Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that there were no structural damage to Chandsams power plant.

The company has claimed that the explosion was caused by a faulty part.

However, in a separate statement to CNBC on November 11, the ERC claimed that “there is no structural failure of the substation”.

According to the ECR, the plant’s electrical equipment and the ground-mounted generators were damaged.

The plant was evacuated immediately.

“It is important to note that there was no structural breach of the system at Chandsaming power plant, as there was a breach of a temporary gas tank which was situated inside the plant and caused a rupture,” the ENC said.

The power plant had been on standby for more than three years, the NRC said, adding that it will be inspected by experts.