How to avoid being arrested at the Eastman Power Station

The Eastman power station in Seguin is being evacuated due to a possible nuclear leak.

The incident has been reported on social media, with many people sharing their fears for the safety of their families.

The power station, located in the northern region of Sommo, is located about 300 kilometers (185 miles) south of Seguimat.

The accident happened yesterday at 10:45am local time (03:45 GMT) when a reactor of the plant was put into meltdown, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

A nuclear waste release is believed to have occurred at the site.

The Italian media has also reported that there were more than 50 people working at the plant, some of whom were injured in the incident.

An official from the National Nuclear Agency confirmed the report.

“The power supply of the Eastmann plant was affected by an accident, and is currently under a control system of the state,” the official said.

“No injuries have been reported at this moment.”

The facility has been operating under emergency conditions since September 2017, and was supposed to receive its first shipment of water and electricity on Wednesday.

However, the reactor shut down due to the incident, prompting authorities to cancel the scheduled delivery of the water.

The incident has led to an unprecedented amount of fear among residents in Seggi, a town of around 700 people located in Somma.

The Seggimat region of southern Italy is the country’s main industrial centre, and has been hit by a number of accidents over the past few years.

The region was also hit by another disaster last year, when a transformer at a nuclear plant in the town of Pescara burst into flames.

The transformer’s explosion also caused the nearby town of Cogliari to be evacuated.