How to beat Florida’s algae woes

Gainesville Power and Light says it’s been able to stop the algae blooms by using algae-absorbing technology.

The utility says its algae treatment process can treat nearly 80 percent of algae blooming sites.

Gainesville is the third-largest electricity customer in Florida.

The state also is the first to deploy a new algae-treating process in the U.S. The algae treatment, which has been approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, will be rolled out across the state this month.

Florida Power and Lighting says it has been able “to stop the blooms” by using a new technology to control algae in the power plant.

Gainesville Power &Light is the second-largest power supplier in the state, after the Florida Power & Light Company.

Gainesas plant is located on the Palisades National Seashore in Gainesville.

In a statement, the utility said: “The algae that caused the algae bloom has been removed.

The system has not been activated.

We have also made improvements to the facility, including the installation of a new power generator and the installation and operation of a water treatment system.”

The Florida Department Of Environmental Protection says the algae was removed from the plant and is being treated to prevent further algae bloom.