What the Trump administration is doing to climate change threatens the environment

By The Associated Press | March 10, 2021 12:10 pm ET The Trump administration on Monday announced a $5 billion plan to fight climate change and pollution from oil and gas production and other industries, and to protect wetlands and coastal ecosystems.

The president has proposed a $1.2 trillion increase in federal spending to address climate change in his first year in office.

But the administration has not provided any details on what this new plan would do or how much money it would cost.

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new rules for carbon pollution, the EPA said.

Environmental groups said the EPA’s proposal to curb emissions from power plants and other sources was too low.

The agency also proposed an increase in greenhouse gas pollution limits for some power plants.

The EPA has already set new limits on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, the most stringent in more than a decade.

The administration said it is reviewing the proposals.

Trump is also working to overhaul how the U.S. handles climate change, such as limiting fossil fuel emissions.

The Trump transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The plan would cover a range of industries and sectors, from coal mining and mining companies to steel and concrete companies.

It would also help companies that are already benefiting from climate change.

It was not clear how much the proposal would cost, though the EPA estimated it would reduce greenhouse gas levels by about 20 percent compared with the current levels.

The draft Environmental Protection Administration plan, which was obtained by the AP, calls for “significant” reductions in greenhouse gases.

The report said the plan would “provide significant support to the coal, steel, concrete, and other energy sectors,” among other sectors.

The move by the Trump transition was first reported by Bloomberg News.

The proposal, which the AP described as an outline of the administration’s climate change strategy, said that “energy policy will be shaped by a new, bold vision for energy.”

The plan did not provide details on how the new strategy would work.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who has pushed for a return to the fossil fuel industry, has said he wants to dismantle rules and regulations that prevent companies from polluting the atmosphere.

The proposed budget includes $1 billion for energy conservation efforts.

The White House also wants to increase energy efficiency, expand solar power, and promote clean transportation and renewables.