How to save a lost power plant from the ‘dirty air’

An abandoned power station in southwest B.C. has become a home for more than 200 displaced people.

The Barossa power station is home to the “Dirty Air” community.

The community is struggling to find a place to live after a wildfire destroyed the town of Barossas Falls in 2015.

The power plant was a major source of carbon emissions and a source of toxic emissions, according to the Barossahat Power Station Community Resource Centre.

In the meantime, more than 1,000 displaced people have been living at the facility.

Barossas residents are hoping to find temporary housing, but the residents are facing the reality that the facility has become their home for years.

The community is now trying to get rid of the power plant.

The facility was demolished by the BC Government and is owned by the Northern Energy Corporation.

The power plant has not been rebuilt since.

The Community Resource centre is hoping to get a permit to redevelop the property.

The city of Barons Plains is also helping the community.

A community committee is working on ways to redevelop what is left of the Baronsplains Power Station.

The City of Barontown is also looking to help rebuild the power station.

The Clean Air Project is also partnering with the City of Port Moody to help develop a plan for the community to redevelop Barosses Falls.