How to clean up the mess from the coal-fired power plant that exploded in Nebraska

The power plant explosion that killed a man and injured dozens of others in Nebraska was the result of a flawed design for a new coal power plant.

But the problem could have been avoided.

The explosion occurred about 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday in the heart of a community in southwest Nebraska.

A large portion of the town was destroyed.

“The power plant was going to be the next phase in the expansion of the power plant,” said Scott Jones, who lives in a nearby town.

“And there was no way to keep it that way.”

The plant was built by the state-owned Enron, and it is operated by Dominion.

Jones says that’s why he was surprised to find out the plant had been under construction at the time of the explosion.

“It was kind of a miracle that this wasn’t a catastrophic accident,” he said.

The owner of the plant, Dominion Energy, has said the plant was designed to last 30 years, but Jones says it should have been more than 30 years.

Jones also believes the plant has problems with its electrical grid, but that’s something the state and the utility are working on.

Jones says that the problem is that the plant didn’t have the proper permits to operate.

He says the state has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars fixing the problem.

Jones said the power station is the worst case scenario that could happen, and that the government needs to come up with a fix for the power grid and the state should pay for the fixes.

“They have to get the money from the taxpayer,” he added.

The power station’s owner, Dominion, says it’s in a state of disrepair, and they’re working to repair the problems.

Dominion said it will spend more than $500 million to upgrade the power supply.