How to build a $6bn wind farm in Fukuyama, Japan

The Japanese government announced Wednesday it will spend $6 billion on wind energy infrastructure in the country’s northeastern Shikoku prefecture, making it the first of the countrys seven major cities to be covered by a project funded by the US.

The project will include a $1.6bn investment in wind turbines and turbines in the Fukuyamachi region, where the world’s fourth-largest city lies, the ministry said.

The announcement comes as the country seeks to become a major international energy producer in a country where energy is still largely produced from coal, oil and gas.

Japan, a big consumer of energy, is now aiming to diversify away from coal-fired power plants and toward renewables like solar and wind, aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter to 40 percent by 2050.

Japan has also been looking to make investments in its renewable energy industry, particularly wind, in an effort to improve its energy security.