How to avoid the lacygate power plant in Northport

Lacygnes power plant sits just outside of town and is one of several power plants owned by the New Jersey Power & Light Co., a subsidiary of the electric utility that is a major competitor to Duke Energy.

Lacygate, located in North Port, is an older power plant built in the 1930s, and the coal-fired power plant was designed to provide electricity for homes in the area.

In April 2016, Duke Energy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and declared bankruptcy in North Carolina, citing an “unprecedented and substantial” number of liabilities.

The plant shut down in April 2018 after Duke Energy said it could no longer afford to operate it.

The state has not publicly released the cause of the closure.

But the power plant shut-down came just two months after North Carolina passed a bill requiring power plants to provide renewable energy.

The bill has been in the works since the legislature approved it in February 2019.

The power plant has since reopened and has not been used for power generation since it shut down, according to Duke.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources has determined that the power station was built without adequate insulation and has no backup power, according.

The department has also determined that Duke Energy failed to comply with its air quality standards for the plant, according the state Department of Environmental Resources.