How to make the best of Wyoming’s Power Plant Seguin

The power plant in Wyoming’s southeastern corner has become a tourist attraction for visitors from around the country.

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality says the Seguins are safe to use.

But some residents say they’re not used for electricity, and some residents and lawmakers have been critical of the plant.

Here’s what you need to know about the power plant:What is a Seguina?

It’s a small battery that is mounted on top of a tower to keep the sun and other heat from escaping.

There are about 30 in total, and each has its own cooling system.

It can hold 1.2 million volts of electricity.

The Seguinas are meant to be used for storage of power that has to be returned to the grid.

The plant is one of a handful of power plants in the state that have that technology.

The state has a renewable energy program that uses the electricity generated at Seguinos to help keep the lights on and the lights off.

The Wyoming Power and Light Board says the company is responsible for all of the environmental impact.