How to save the Monroeville power plant from demolition

A proposed $1.5 billion project to renovate a Monroe power plant is on track to receive the green light from Ontario’s Utilities and Energy Board.

The board approved a proposal to demolish the Monroe power station in 2018 to create a new $1 billion power plant.

But the board’s approval is conditional on a decision by the province’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities on the feasibility of rebuilding the Monreville power station.

“This project is on hold until the Ministry of Finance has completed a feasibility study of the proposal,” said Peter Tregel, an analyst with the firm Deloitte.

Tregell says the study will be completed by the end of this year and a decision on whether the project should proceed will be made in 2018.

The proposed Monrevilles power plant will replace the current power station at Monroe.

It’s part of a larger project to upgrade Ontario’s electricity infrastructure.

In 2018, the province launched a $5.3-billion project to build the Monrville power plant in Hamilton.

In 2019, the government announced it was building a $3.9-billion power plant at the site of the current plant.