Ethereum powered energy utility Urza’s Power Plant to be built

Urza Power Plant, located in New Zealand, has received the green light from the Auckland Energy Agency.

The company will construct a 2MW plant which will supply power to a 100MW solar farm and will also provide heat to the facility.

The power plant is expected to begin operating by the end of 2020, with construction expected to commence in 2018.

Urza is a renewable energy company founded by businessman David Urza in 2007.

Urza has invested more than $50m in renewable energy projects in New York, Australia and South Africa, and currently has three large projects in place.

According to a press release, the Urza project will have “a long-term sustainability plan in place” and will be a “renewable power generation and supply facility”.

The announcement comes as the Federal Government has announced it is working towards a $3bn national energy target.

The announcement comes amid the Federal government’s decision to scrap its carbon pricing scheme.Read more: