How to protect yourself from a power plant outbreak

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) says the two plants involved in a power outage at the Encina power facility in central California are now offline.

The power plant strain strain is expected to be contained within a few days.CDPI spokesperson Brian Linn said that the plant’s containment structure is being reinforced, and that power outages will be managed as normal.

“The CDPH is continuing to monitor the situation, and the two plant’s systems are currently being upgraded,” Linn wrote in an email to CNN.

He added that the company is also closely monitoring the health of the general public.

The two plants were shut down for about four hours during the weekend as a result of a power surge that triggered an electrical transformer to fail, triggering a short-circuit and shutting down the plant.

The outage at Encina’s two power plants is the first to hit the US in over a decade, according to a state report.

Since 2011, California has had more than 1,000 power outfalls, which caused millions of dollars in damage and killed at least 50 people.