Which states will shut down or suspend their coal plants?

At the moment, the federal government has about half the coal power plants operating in the United States.

Those are the ones that have been shuttered or suspended in the past year. 

A total of 7,749 coal plants were shut down by the end of the year.

The most recently reported shutdown was in July, when 1,093 coal plants and 732 other plants were temporarily suspended.

The other shutdowns were in February, March, April, May and June.

The total shutdowns from the end the year through the end May include a total of 3,853 coal plants.

The shutdowns are a result of a variety of factors including a drop in U.S. coal production, a slowdown in the use of natural gas and more stringent regulations imposed by the Obama administration.

Some of the coal plants that were shuttered by the administration include: A coal mine in Wyo., operated by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), was closed in July because of a lack of coal in the mines mix. 

The shutdown of the Sawtooth Mine near Wyo. 

In August, the New Jersey Generating Station in Hoboken, New Jersey, was temporarily shut down for lack of supply from the coal mine at New Jersey Power Co. in Somerset County, New York. 

Southern Company, which owns the Port of New Orleans, was also temporarily shuttered in August for lack. 

 A coal mine operated by Dominion Resources in North Dakota was shut down in September due to the coal supply shortage, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 

Dominion has said the coal shortfall is due to low natural gas prices, but the U.N. said in September that it had seen a rise in the amount of coal used to produce electricity in the U .

S. due to climate change. 

Another coal plant operated by Dominion was temporarily closed in October due to a lack in coal. 

This coal plant was the first to shut down in September due to an inability to meet the demand. 

Coal companies are not the only ones who are struggling to meet their carbon emissions goals. 

President Trump said in June that the United Kingdom, France and Germany are all facing problems and that coal production is falling because of climate change and regulations. 

Trump also said that coal plants are closing because they can no longer meet the demand, and the U S. was shutting down coal plants because it can no more keep them open. 

Some of the shutdowns by the federal government include:A nuclear power plant in West Virginia, operated by Westinghouse, was shuttered in July due to inadequate coal reserves. 

Construction of the  West Virginia Nuclear Power Plant was suspended for the first time in its history in June due to a coal shortage. 

There was a coal shortage in South Dakota at the time. 

On May 26, a coal plant in the Indian River State was temporarily shut off due to a shortage of coal.